Emasithandane Children’s Home in Nyanga, one of the townships in Cape Town South Africa, is the first children’s home that Caps For Care has decided to work with. It is home to 30 orphaned and underprivileged children, between the ages of 2 and 24 years old. The house they stay in has three small bedrooms and a small common area, with one telephone and one laptop for all of them to use. Due to the environment that they live in, the children face many drawbacks and are affected by the low hygiene, poorly equipped schools, unemployment, crime, and overcrowding.

Emasithandane Children’s Home lacks basic needs such as: clothing, food, educational supplies, school shoes, computers, household necessities and a more spacious and well-equipped home. Caps For Care hopes to help provide a lot of these needs and also seek ways to help the orphanage become self-sustaining. Not only will we supply them with tangible materials but we will also spend time with the children to build a bonding relationship, make them feel loved and be motivated to fight to achieve their dreams.

Our long-term goal is to upgrade the accommodation and facilities of Emasithandane Children’s Home as well as keep them sustainable. We are confident these goals can be achieved. Please HELP AND DONATE NOW.

Caps For Care affirms that all donations made will be used STRICTLY towards achieving these major goals we have set for Emasithandane Orphanage home.