About the Founders

Daisy and Cassandra Owei are two of four Nigerian sisters with two lovely parents. Daisy, the third of the four girls, is 17 years old. She was born in Nigeria on June 6 th , 2000. At the age of one, the Oweis moved to Germany and there, Cassandra was born. Being 14, Cassandra Owei is the last of the Owei sisters and was born on December 14 th , 2002. In 2005, they moved to Cape Town, South Africa and haven’t moved since then. When the family first moved, Daisy and Cassandra attended different local government schools. In 2009 they moved to The American International School of Cape Town (AISCT). Daisy is currently in 11 th grade at AISCT while Cassandra is in 9 th grade. They love their school, and their love for children grew from the many service events that their school has hosted. Daisy and Cassandra would like to acknowledge their two older sisters, Lily and Pearl, for supporting them through the process of building the business, and their parents because their ideas and thoughts wouldn’t have become a reality without them.

While attending AISCT Daisy and Cassandra were exposed to various forms of service opportunities. These service opportunities helped inspire the idea of Caps For Care. It was these service learning events that grew the yearning to help the less fortunate children as well as spread awareness of the community they live in. Daisy and Cassandra would also like to thank their school for giving them such opportunities. They are currently working on balancing running this organization with school, and they are looking forward to embarking on this journey.