After about 4 weeks of selling caps we decided it was time to asses the funds. Christmas was around the corner, so we thought the money we had raised would go towards buying the children some gifts, as well as food and hygiene supplies to last them over the festive season. I asked one of the people in charge of the orphanage to send a list of all the children who stay there. We received a list of nearly 40
people. We got to work with the shopping immediately. For all the children who go to school, we got them stationary, notebooks, and a care cap. For those who are much younger we got them educational toys. As for the much older children we gave them the care caps. Now alongside all of the above, everyone got a pair of shoes. We also bought everyone at Emasithandane Children’s Organization food and hygiene supplies. Before delivering these gifts, everything had to be wrapped, so we got to work.

We had extra help from two other volunteers, Shadha Kae Kazim and Louise Midavainne. One of the volunteers (Louise) even made a Christmas card for the kids, that we could all sign! When we arrived on Sunday 17 th December, at their home to present the gifts, the children gave us a very warm welcome. There were kids all over who ran to hug me! We presented the gifts and the children were very happy to receive them, having large smiles on their faces. Seeing their faces gave me a sense of joy. We were able to accomplish our goal for the holiday! It was wonderful to see these children smile and laugh, despite the environment that they live in. It was an amazing experience, presenting those gifts and we are very happy that we were able to help these children enjoy their festive season. I’m looking forward to next year, when we will be focusing on interactive activities with the children, while we keep raising funds for them. I’m very thankful that my sister and I are able to make a difference in these children’s live with the help from all of you supporting Caps For Care!

Written by Daisy Owei

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