On the week of November 22nd , our school, The American International School of Cape Town, hosted a Caps For Care civvies day. Civvies day is a day in which students get to wear their own clothes instead of uniform as long as they pay ten rand. All the money raised would go towards Caps For Care. The 26th was a Wednesday so on the preceding days, we were to sell our caps at school. Then on the 26th, everyone would wear his or her care cap along with civvies. This was written in our school newsletter. The AISCT community was ready to buy their care caps. It was perfect; a great start to the arrival of the caps. Unfortunately, things didn’t go exactly as planned. The caps had a confirmed arrival date of the 17th. On the 17th, we didn’t receive any caps. They were in Cape Town but weren’t being released from the airport. This was worrying, but we still had time. If the caps came on the weekend, we would still be able to sell the week of the civvies day. Monday the 20th arrived before the caps did. Things were not working out. Then we realized, if the caps came on Tuesday morning, we would still be able to sell before the civvies day on Wednesday. Tuesday arrived, and still, the caps hadn’t been released. Wednesday was our last hope. It was the day of the civvies day. The whole school was hyped and waiting for the arrival of the caps. Wednesday arrived; however, without the caps. Even though the late arrival of the caps was a let down, the school was still very supportive. People came in their own clothes, brought ten rand, and supported Caps For Care. The days preceding the 26th were less about making the sales, and more about spreading awareness within our school community. When walking around at school, I was pleased to see that, “bring R10 and support Caps For Care” was written on the board in most classrooms. With roughly R4000 raised, I think we can say that despite the many challenges on the way, the Caps For Care Civvies day was still a success. Thank you AISCT!

Written by Cassandra Owei

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